Waiting for baby video

What you get with the "Waiting for Baby" video is a memory of the mundane beauty of everyday life. You may not be dressed up or have your hair done. Your house might not be perfectly cleaned and your kids might say and do things that surprise you. But that's reality and it's a wonderful and beautiful thing. It's something I'll treasure forever." --Cate, San Francisco

Childhood video

"I love it so much. I was surprised by how much it really captured a sense of us in that moment. It's more evocative than a photo album. It's a snapshot that is easily shareable....Helene has a way of making you and your kids feel comfortable, like she is there with you but not so much as to be intrusive. "--Mary, Connecticut

Childhood video

" I loved it! Really well done.  I think you did a great job taking us through the night and finding funny moments. It felt a bit like our place was bigger than it actually is which is cool because you were using so many different perspectives. Music was a great fit...Helene does a great job not intruding on your daily routine to capture special moments."--Shane, Connecticut